Venture Jury Day: Second batch

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2nd Batch RobotUnion Superstars selected!

On the 8th of October (2020) the 10 companies, accelerated by RobotUnion in the second batch of the programme, pitched in front of a jury of investors, who were then scored according to their investment potential. The 5 companies selected to enter Stage 4 of the programme, which lasts 3 months, will receive an additional €100K fundraising. Additionally, they will be mentored and supported to carry a pilot in real market conditions.

The RobotUnion Venture Jury Day, which took place in an online session, was organized by Blumorpho, whom will also lead the support for the selected companies on raising Private Funds in the next few months. 

The jury evaluated the pitch based on: market attractiveness, team quality, unique selling proposition, differentiation, business model attractiveness, goto market, and growth strategy. The final selection process took into account: technology and innovation, carried out by internal RobotUnion experts; and investment potential, assessed by a Guest Jury.

The event attracted over 6 investors who were interested in the 10 finalists (Bruno Bernardbtov Partners, Alfred LamChrysalix Venture Capital, Dominic KeenRaia Ventures, Patrick Courtney Tec Connection, and Klaus Kummermehr and Daniel Häring from Venture Capital – Go Beyond Investing).

The 10 contestants had the chance to pitch their idea, without surpassing the 3 minutes limit, and answer a short round of questions from the public. The finalists were chosen after a consensus meeting held by the consortium the next day. The participants were informed about the outcome after the session.

The winners will now enter the last stage of the programme and will receive and additional €100.000 funding. On top of that, they will receive the following mentoring on:

  • Private investment opportunities,with the support of Blumorpho the VC Chrysalix and Odense Seed & Ventures. 
  • Participate in the Odense Investor Summit  to be held on the 9th of December  
  • Identifying public funding available. 
  • Preparing a proof of concept in real market conditions.
  • Connecting to corporates and arranging partnership agreements.

Congratulations to all RobotUnion companies involved and to the 5 RobotUnion Superstars!

Aether Biomedical  is a medical robotics company focused on biosignal processing and bionic limbs for upper limb amputees. Their flagship product Zeus is a multi-action bionic limb combining ease of control with an elegant, robust design.

Automato Robotics develops the world’s first affordable robotic tomato harvester for soil greenhouses. Their aim is to make an affordable and reliable robot that will allow meeting the current agricultural challenges.

Proxima Centauri Aps’ patented solution is developed to automate the picking up and sorting of natural pig casings used in the sausage industry.

Rebartek is taking reinforcement to the next level. The company prefabricates rebar cages for construction sites using robots.

RigiTech is transforming access to goods through autonomous aerial logistics by creating a fully-integrated, inter-city drone delivery solution.the

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