Master Training Camp in Madrid: one week of high level training with top international experts for 10 RobotUnion startups

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January 27th – 31st, 2020, 10 robotics Scaleups who started their acceleration journey 3 months ago have gathered in Madrid to kick off the business mentoring part of the programme with a week of training included in the Master Training Camp. The event was hosted by ISDI, leader of the Business Acceleration part at their headquarters in Madrid.

Founders, CEOs and Scaleups members reunited in the Spanish capital to immerse themselves in a week of high-level tailored trainings which covered topics such as acceleration services, corporate partnerships, fundraising, B2B marketing, internationalisation, growth strategy, sales, VC funding and much more. On the first day, they also had the chance to meet their business mentors and receive the first one-on-one session with them, do a five-minute pitch in front of VC delegates with bespoke feed-back, share their challenges and doubts, and last but not least enjoy the amazing activities the city had to offer.

1st DAY - January 27th

The delegates from the 10 robotics scaleups were welcomed at the ISDI headquarters in Madrid by Paco Soler (Head of corporate partnerships at ISDI). After the opening Izabela Zrazinska, the RobotUnion Project Coordinator summarized the current actions, -next steps and programme milestones-. All companies who have achieved the Milestone 3 in January are entitled to use the External Suppliers support (Technical Vouchers) and that is why Maria Karpilowska explained the process and purpose of this RobotUnion service. At the end Xianshu Zeng introduced the business acceleration stage.

After this opening, representatives from our corporate partners FERROVIAL, FENIN and MADE explained their role in the programme and challenges which Scaleups could overcome in their sector. The end of the day was dedicated to Scaleup introductions and one to one first mentoring sessions witht heir Follow Up Mentors. The day ended with a networking dinner at a restaurant in Malasaña quarter, one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Madrid.

2nd DAY - January 28th

The second day was focused on strategy and product. It started in the morning with the class How to do Business with Big Corps by Ciro Acedo from Ferrovial, who shared his knowledge on strengthening, boosting and improving the innovation ecosystem and the advantages for start-ups when working with corporates. Afterwards, Toni Raurich from talked about growth strategy, and his experience with customer service and the importance of comprehending your target. The end of the day was dedicted to B2B Marketing and Internationalisation strategy explained by Juliana Mendez from SaleSide, with insights about marketing challenges and strategies for robotics companies, account-based marketing and the process in order to improve companies’ revenues. And for internationalisation, the assessment of a readiness level, research and entry into new markets and challenges companies usually face when trying to go international.

3rd DAY - January 29th

On the third day Luis Gosalbez, an IPR and legal expert from Metricson, explained the most common challenges that companies face when developing disruptive and innovative technologies those were supported with examples on how to protect their solutions from a legal perspective. After the coffee break, Rodrigo Martinez, VC partner of Point Nine Capital, gave a session focused on effective strategies and processes applied to fundraising: from evaluating your product with investor’s eyes to pitching your product and talking into account the different expectations and contexts where you might find yourself into.

Next, Juan López Santamaría shared his experience and knowledge on how to impress tech VCs. This gave our attendees the opportunity to fine tune their pitches and prepare for the afternoon session with Lourdes Álvaro de Toledo from JME Venture Capital, Nico Goulet from Adara Venture Partners and Sonia Fernández from Kibo Ventures. The session started with a short panel on their investors point of views focused on the robotics market moderated by Miguel Ángel Díez Ferreira (ISDI Accelerator Director) after which, each scaleup had a 5 minutes pitch followed by feedback and advice from our guests.

4th DAY - January 30th

5th DAY - January 31st

The last day started with Alex Barrera co-founder and editor at TechEU, he spoke about the importance of a good pitch and shared some tips on how to create a compelling story that sells your idea to everyone who hears it. Following, Anton Astray from Google Campus explained according to his experience how to develop and scale products at a global level on his talk Scaling up through culture and OKR (Objectives and Key Results). To wrap up, Blanca Gómez González gave some tips on how to make the most on the talent and hiring process in order to find people that fit with the company values and help achieve the growth objectives.

If you want to know more about the seminars explore the official agenda.

Second Master Training Camp

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