The Welcome Camp took place in Yes!Delft

By November 21, 2018Uncategorized

During the 14th and 15th of November RobotUnion starts the first acceleration round with the presence of 20 startups and around 40 partners and mentors. The kick-off was hosted by RoboValley at Yes!Delft, the second best incubator in the world, ranked by UBI.

During the first day the 20 startups were introduced on the methodology that the acceleration programme will follow and after a keynote session with Professor Martjin Wisse from TU Delft, who presented the Rosin Project. In the evening they had a pitching round in front of all partners and mentors.

During the second day, the startups had meetings with their technical and business mentors. After the closing, the steering committee and the mentors had an internal meeting. If you want to know went on, download the programme to get a peek.

Check the excitement of these days at some of the best tweets!






Check how the full programme looks like!

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