Tech-Synergy: The colliding world of Robotics and Augmented Reality

With the countless changes we’ve seen in the last years in technology it’s not hard to imagine how all these innovations support and collaborate with each other in order to develop a more efficient way of working. The robotics industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and merging with 5G, IoT, AI, and Mixed Reality to make state-of-the-art responsive machines. 

We expect to see Robotics and Augmented Reality (AR) mixing together to create a world with amazing possibilities in the near future, as the commercial and industrial use of AR – the inclusion of computer-generated content in real-world environments- expands by big tech companies such as Facebook, Appleand Google investing in it. Some of the projects featured in this article relate to the subjects of learning to use robots through AR, manipulate the behavior of robots, and help the robots understand their surroundings. 

An example of the collaborative work these technologies can perform is a disrupting project by graduates of Technology Monterrey (ITESM), an exoskeleton that works with artificial intelligence and is made up of several independent parts to rehabilitate specific body parts as joints through Augmented Reality. This device acquires motion with brain or muscle signals and measures simultaneously translated by the apparatus noninvasively.

Showing up next we would like to bring you a word about the latest articles on this topic, that sum up the different possibilities of synergy work between Robotics and AR:

Understanding of surroundings

Robotics and AR meet on their capability of understanding their surroundings, in the article Augmented Reality Robotics published by Ryan Hickman, we can see that a fundamental part of the work and advances on the field could be advantageous for both technologies. As machines and 3D objects gather a better understanding of their environment more options are open to using them in our daily lives as trustworthy aides. 

Becoming better coworkers

AR is gaining space by improving accuracy and productivity as the overlaid information help workers identify items while having their hands free to perform other tasks, and the importance of the Robotics development for the industry is undeniable at this point. 

In Augmented Reality Makes Robots Better Coworkers we can understand how Robots and humans could benefit from the consolidation of the two technologies. The importance of a better understanding and communication between machines and humans is increasing as robots are now co-workers that interact and share our spaces every day. 

Communicating Robot Motion Intent with Augmented Reality is a paper published by researchers at the University of Colorado exploring how using Augmented Reality can make humans and robots feel safer, more efficient and part of a collaborative team, instead of just two isolated parts of a whole. 

Key to the future

Augmented Reality has a huge potential and using it to improve our relationship with robots and our understanding of this new world dynamics could lead to a better way of working together towards a better future in both fields. 

Written by Natalia Cardona Mercado for RobotUnion

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