RobotUnion Superstars is the nomination made in both Robotunion batches to the 9 best-performing companies with the highest potential to grow. Those companies were selected based on their investment potential and technical readiness evaluated by the RobotUnion consortium and external advisors.

Aether is a medical robotics company focused on biosignal processing and bionic limbs for upper limb amputees.

Automato Robotics vision is to help solve the international agricultural employment crisis, by developing autonomous, efficient and affordable robots for every farmer.

Proxima Centauri Aps’ patented machines are developed to automate the picking up and sorting of natural casings

Rebartek is taking reinforcement to the next level. A bold and experienced team bringing innovative ideas to life.

RigiTech is transforming access to goods through autonomous aerial logistics by creating a fully-integrated, inter-city drone delivery solution. 

Tendo: grasp life with Tendo – A robotic glove which increases the function of your grip – made for people, not symptoms.

Kewazo: offers a smart robotic system that performs flexible, cost-efficient and safe transportation of construction materials on-site.

Cliin: proactively keep vessel hulls clean from biofouling, saving the shipping industry billions in saved fuel consumption and hull maintenance.

Nido Robotics: advanced underwater robots with an unparalleled price-performance ratio, oriented towards commercial applications in inshore waters.