Tendo has developed a soft robotic glove, to provide artificial strength in weak hands and enhance quality of life for people suffering from stroke, arthritis or spinal cord injuries.
Faromatics creating a disruptive robot that balances animal welfare with farm productivity by monitoring chickens using sensors and artificial intelligence.
Nido Robotics manufactures advanced underwater robots with an unparalleled price-performance ratio, oriented towards commercial applications in inshore waters.
Kewazo develops a robotic transportation system for construction sites. The initial application area is scaffolding. The system improves efficiency and saves at least 30% of installation costs.
Somnox helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up energized. The Somnox robot helps to improve sleep by breathing regulation, soothing sounds and affection.
Springa develops autonomous robotic tools for digital fabrication. The mission is to allow everyone being creative and building big projects.
UnitDoseOne help hospitals distribute drugs more efficiently. The startup introducing UnitDoseOne, the first truly scalable, automatic hospital pharmacy, which prepares drugs in the individual doses.
Cliin has developed an on-board autonomous Hull Cleaning Robot (HCR). The HCR is able to keep the hull of a ship clean from microorganisms, algae and animal fouling at all times.
The mission of BotsAndUs is to create a fleet of autonomous service robots to work alongside people. Their goal is to drive efficiency across customer service, operations and analytics.
SmoothTool by Smooth Robotics make possible that any welding robot operator can ‘plug-and-produce’ a new series in just a few hours. The solution uses Intuitive Learning.