The Protik Innovation Center’s mission is to become the Albanian ICT hub: a connection point for those seeking the latest and most innovative ideas, products, and services.
BioSense Institute is a multi-disciplinary scientific research institute and a regional provider of advanced ICT in agriculture and environmental monitoring. With a special focus on micro and nano-technology sensors, Internet of Things, Robotics, Remote Sensing and Big Data.
AFIL is the Lombardy Technological Cluster focused on Advanced manufacturing to support and develop the leadership and the competitiveness of the Production System of Lombardy. It is a no-profit organization, which groups more than 140 members.
European SMEs Robotics Applications is a starting point for European SMEs designing and developing robotic solutions. ESMERA promotes applied robotics technology developed for industrial challenges set by key European companies

Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park is a perfect place for anyone, who aims to monetize their knowledge, establish and develop businesses and expand their innovative activity. We target talents and help them grow, we enable start-ups to scale-up.
EMC2 is the French Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Hub: which gathers 370 industrial and academia members partnering internationally in collaborative R&D projects on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.
We are a one-stop shop for Belgian tech entrepreneurship. Since 2013 we partner with startups to achieve their global ambition, facilitate joint innovation with business partners worldwide and are the independent reference centre of excellence.
SmartCityTech partnership is a European Strategic Cluster Partnership which aims to facilitate global cooperation between city stakeholders aiming at the development and realization of innovative value models for urban areas enabled by digital solutions.

The etventure Startup Hub is based in Berlin, since 2014 it has built a broad network into the European startup ecosystem as well as valuable investor and corporate contacts.
 CETEMET aims at fostering economic development in Andalusia by promoting innovation in companies within the metal-mechanical and transport industries two core areas: technology services and R&D&i projects. DIH web:
We are a team of accelerators, investors, and corporations in the startup ecosystem. Since 2014, we have been named one of the top accelerators in Spain and Europe. In 2016, we launched IMPACT Growth, a project  kicking high-performing excellence.
Odense Robotics is a high-tech ecosystem consisting of 120 robot and automation companies, suppliers, education and research facilities, investment capital and public actors in and around the city of Odense, Denmark, the global CoBot capital.

Robocoast is a center of excellence that aims to combine the needs of enterprises in order to promote modernization of the industry and services by developing new robotics and AI solutions together with a large network of industrial and research partners.
We innovate and create new professional services, using and hybridizing knowledge and experience, looking for the best professionals and the most advanced and disruptive technologies in the world, wherever they are.
European initiative that supports manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps in the widespread use of ICT in their business operations. Technological and financial support to conduct small experimentswith the aim to test digital innovations via open calls.
Our acceleration programmes provide a combination of sector-specific “softlanding”, acceleration and internationalization. “Deep Dive Weeks” provide support and guidance from local ecosystem leaders, know-how & access to resources.

C-Voucher is an EU funded project that combines design and technology to create competitive, innovative business models with circular economy approach for European SMEs.
The cluster has 190+ small and medium size companies, 30+ large corporations, 30+ academic organizations, research institutions and professional associations.
Robotex is a global robotics education network, focusing on robotics education and startup training. Including education & teacher training programs, startup & corporate innovation programs and festivals with competitions, conferences, expos and workshops.
Intellectual property (IP) protection is a critical step for startups, to become appealing for investors, and successfully raise funding. AWA helps innovators capture and maintain their IP rights through proactive consulting and IP protection.

Catalonia Smart Drones is a joint initiative of the Government of Catalonia, the catalan drone industry and research institutions aimed to promote smart services and solutions with drones.
World Startup Factory is a startup accelerator dedicated to helping founders build successful ventures with positive impact by exploring, learning and investing together.
BiTHOUSE GROUP is a boutique business / venture development cultivator fostering innovation via strategic partnerships, mentorship, and technology scouting.
EUROBENCH project aims to create the first unified benchmarking framework for robotic systems in Europe. We offer financial support to third parties, in two Open Calls, who must built two benchmarking facilities and a unified benchmarking software.

INBOTS brings together experts from diff­erent disciplines involved in the understanding and acceptance of Interactive Robotics, promoting the collaboration between four pillars and six areas of expertise.
“Sofia Tech Park” JSC is the first state owned Science and Technology Park in Bulgaria. We aim to become the location for global, regional and national researchers and innovative companies as well as to attract and support innovation.
Startup Sesame is the global network of Tech events. We believe entrepreneurs can change the world if they attend the right event, at the right time. We connect startups with events and help scale-ups, investors and corporates engage with the European ecosystem.
STP is a public business support organization and first Technology Park operating in Slovenia as a Business Incubator and Accelerator for start-ups and SMEs. It acts also as the Regional Centre for Technology Development.

LEDGER, the Venture Builder for Human Centric Solutions, is an EU funded project that empowers people to solve problems using decentralised technologies such as blockchain, P2P or DLT. LEDGER is investing €5,6M in 32 projects to build Minimum viable products, where privacy by design, openness and citizen data sovereignty are at the core of their proposition.
Green-Tech Cluster is an organization developed for cross-sectoral cooperation bringing together companies, educational and research institutions, as well as other organizations that partly or fully operate in the industries of green and smart technologies.
Urban ICT Arena works actively towards digital sustainability as its three main aims are developing sustainable cities, boosting innovation and securing the jobs of tomorrow. By applying our digital sustainability tool in the early phase, we make sure that the projects comply with the digital susitainability targets and ensures the project’s upscaling possibilities.
Smartic is a DIH supporting by research infrastructure the field of smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0), merging distributed infrastructure for future research and development activities at Estonia in mechanics, mechanical engineering, automation, mechatronics, material science and technology and information technology.

Established to build the world’s leading AI and blockchain technologies ecosystem. We support and connect startups and enterprises through our well known digital conference, identify projects across verticals by organizing executive circles and other industry events.
Holland Robotics is a Dutch robotics community. A national partner between industrial players and science & education in the Dutch High Tech Sector. The aim is to maximize the robotics knowledge in the Netherlands and to improve the international position.
Weekly Robotics is a newsletter focused projects, libraries, latest research news related to robotics, mechatronics and space technologies.
Dig-I-Hub is the Digital Innovation Hub in Kecskemét with primary focus on advanced manufacturing and robotics by artificial intelligence

Engineering office in land mobile robotics indoor / outdoor / offroad
VHTP is a professional, competent and dynamic business support organization. We provide the necessary infrastructure and support for the development of high-technology businesses in the city of Ventspils and the outlying region.
RoboValley drives the development of cognitive robotics by setting up and developing the following initiatives: RoboHouse, startup community and network.
Jungle is an online platform that connects robotic developers with product makers and factories. We integrate the world’s best robotic tech into our Jungle ecosystem. We are robofacturing a better world.

WEB CAD GIS 3D software for civil engineering.
MedFIT will be held on June 30th and July 1st in Grenoble. Connect with key innovators in the MedTech, diagnostic and digital health. As a leading partnering event, MedFIT provides the ideal environment to build partnerships for all public and private actors, to source innovative and competitive early-stage R&D projects, and more.
Repsol Foundation helps innovative energy, cleantech and mobility startups in pre-commercial stage to bring their technological solutions to the market. The equity-free acceleration program is an ideal program for startups ready for pilot trials with real customers, or startups that will reach that stage in less than 1-2 years.

DigitalNorway – Toppindustrisenteret AS: Is a non-profit industry-driven initiative established in 2017 for enabling Norwegian businesses to succeed in digitization. The initiative aims to become an arena that builds, connects and drives digitization projects across SMEs, institutes and industry giants. 
DIHNET.EU enables the coordination of European, national and regional initiatives directly supporting the digital transformation and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). The project aims to create a sustainable pan-European network of networks, with a focus on regional DIHs.
RODIN is a pan-European network of robotics Innovation Actions operating in four major market segments: Healthcare, Agile Production, Infrastructure Inspection & Maintenance, and Agri-food. Aiming to bring together European DIHs in robotics, RODIN helps robotics DIH networks to cooperate and strengthen EU competitiveness.

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