Public results

RobotUnion Toolkit:  is aimed at regions that include advanced manufacturing, especially robotics – as part of their Smart Specialization Strategies (S3). RobotUnion Toolkit was created to serve as a guide on the first steps towards creating an acceleration program dedicated to robotics that would meet the regions’ and SME’s’ needs in the field of new robotics trends development.

RobotUnion scientific publications: RobotUnion has committed to making research outcomes publicly available. As part of the scientific dissemination, the RTOs engaged in the consortium have delivered the following publications (see RobotUnion ZENODO profile for more information).

RTOType of publicationTitleStatus (planned, submitted, accepted, published,..)
VTTOpen-source ROS modulegtsam_fusionAvailable
PIAPConference paperBenchmark and analysis of path planning algorithms of “ROS MoveIt!” for pick and place task in tomato harvestingAccepted
PIAPConference paperVolumetric estimation of non-structured heterogeneous wasteAccepted
PIAPData & source codeVolumetric estimation of non-structured heterogeneous waste (data & source code)In progress
TECNALIAOpen-source ROS modulemanipulability_metricsAvailable
TECNALIAJournal paperComparison of algorithms and EMG feature performance on detecting Force Variation of EMG ControlledMultifunctional Upper-Limb Prostheses for TransradialAmputeesIn progress
VTTJournal paperModelling of form flexible soft gripper for predictability and new design generation
DTIJournal paperComparing algorithms for point cloud registration for accurately locating rod intersections for robot actionSubmitted
DTIJournal paperComparing Halcon and Detectron2 for detecting impurities in pig intestines used as natural sausage casingsSubmitted
TUDelftOpen source ROS moduleIntegration of pedsim_simulator into GazeboAvailable

Public Funding Opportunities Guide:

A document published in November 2020 that includes different ways of financing the company from the public funding opportunities together with summaries of the open calls for robotic companies.

Deliverable 6.13 IMPACT REPORT:

RobotUnion has contributed to the overall growth of SMEs targeting new robotics markets by providing support to the 20 most promising European Robotics companies whose innovations disrupted the Robotics market. Public Deliverable IMPACT Report explains the main actions and KPIs reached.