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In the first episode of the podcast series “My Robot Friend” (Min Robotven), we talk about the collaborative robot, it’s origin, and development. Moreover, we visit the robot startup Smooth Robotics to talk about their innovation – a software program for collaborative welding robots.

What is a collaborative robot, how was it developed, and which trend is it a part of?

We find the answers together with the following three experts: The inventor of the collaborative robot Esben Østergaard, Professor in Robotics Henrik Gordon Petersen, and Technology Manager at Center for Robot Technology at the Danish Technological Institute, Søren Peter Johansen.

A World of Innovation

Furthermore, we are taking a closer look into what kind of innovations the collaborative robot has started in advanced production. Among them is the robot startup Smoth Robotics which has invented the welding software “Smooth Tool”. In the podcast you can hear the director of Smooth Robotics, Erik Mønster, explain how the welding software for collaborative robots works and how it creates value in practice. 

“We have visited companies where the topics are so complex that they spend several days: 3-4-5 days to make the setting of a complex welding robot. We have seen that you can reduce this by 70-80%,” says Erik Mønster

Do not miss the next episode of “My Robot Friend” in which we focus on the future of collaborative robots. The episode will be published on Made.dk, iTunes and Spotify September 2020.


  • Esben Østergaard, Co-founder of Lifeline Robotics (2020), founder of Universal Robots (2005), PhD in Robotics and AI.
  • Henrik Gordon Petersen, Professor in Robotics at University of Southern Denmark.
  • Søren Peter Johansen, professional manager of Center for Robotics at Danish Technological Institute.
  • Erik Mønster, CEO at Smooth Robotics.
  • Julie Lykke-Nedergaaard, Host.


  • Jingle soundtrack: “Princess” af Ramzoid
  • Backgroundmusic: “Trip Trap” by Morten Peetz Andersen

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