RobotUnion is brought to you by:

The RobotUnion acceleration programme is brought to you by a consortium of 14 entities based in 7 countries. We are a diverse and balanced team of accelerators, investors, business platforms, research & technological centres and corporations in the robotics startup ecosystem.

BLUMORPHO is a private innovation and business accelerator. It drives innovation by bringing its understanding of economic and industrial challenges and its global connections to the smart solutions ecosystems.

Chrysalix invests and supports technologies and entrepreneurial management teams addressing the changing demands of global industries in Energy, Robotics, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy and more.

Odense Municipality is a Danish city with 200,000 inhabitants. ODENSE SEED & VENTURE is part of the mayors department at the town hall. The City of Odense represents a healthy fast growing business environment.

DTI aims to be a pioneer in Denmark and abroad for application-oriented technology and knowledge transfer between research and the business community. DTI support startups with expertise in cognitive abilities.

Fenin is a multi-sector federation that groups manufacturing, import and distribution companies and associations of healthcare technologies and products who supply to all  Spanish healthcare institutions.

Ferrovial Servicios, SA, a Services Division of Ferrovial Group, operates in Spain, UK, Portugal and other countries in the areas of comprehensive maintenance of facilities, industrial facility and energy management.

FundingBox is a project coordinator of RobotUnion, responsible for coordinating the Open Call Management and the selection process and participating in the follow up of the supported Scaleups all along the project.

ISDI is a comprehensive and vertical educational and entrepreneur ecosystem on digital knowledge, created by the key leaders of the Spanish digital industry. Its mission is to accelerate individuals, startups and organizations.

MADE is an independent association led by industry executives that aims to facilitate the development of innovative world-class manufacturing solutions to and for primarily European industry.

MWCB is a public-private initiative that promotes the digital transformation of society, to improve people’s quality of life. It’s three focus areas: digital empowerment of new generations, professionals and citizens; the digital.

PIAP Institute (a Polish research Institute) have specialists with a wide, interdisciplinary experience in realisation of unique solutions in the field of information technology, robotics, security, telemetry and artificial intelligence.

RoboValley, founded by TU Delft to perform valorisation activities in robotics have over 170 robotic researchers from a multitude of fields collaborate with industrial experts, entrepreneurs and decision makers.

Tecnalia is a private, independent, non-profit applied research center of international excellence aiming to transform technology into GDP, meaning wealth to improve people’s quality of life and business opportunities.

VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd (state, non profit) is ranked among the leading European research and technology organisations and happens to be the largest public applied research activity in Nothern Europe.