RobotUnion Marketplace is the showcasing platform for all the potential robotics stakeholders, which aims to become a single point of entry & to know-how services of technical and non-technical nature.

All the RobotUnion Community users are invited to share their products and services in order to get visibility and create new business opportunities. A marketplace is also a tool that is used by RobotUnion scaleups for external services which they would like to use during the acceleration program.

Each selected technology provider might be invited to join the RobotUnion pool of services and get up to 29k EUR.

1. Access the RobotUnion Community homepage.

2. Scroll down the page and select the collection Products & Services or the collection Mentors & Training depending on what you offer.

3. Once you are on the relevant page, click on Add a new item.

4. Describe your Product/Service or Mentor (Business/Investment or Technical) profile following the templates by clicking in the button below and hitting Publish.

Search for robotics products and services in the RobotUnion Marketplace!

Scroll down until the Collection section and click on “Products & Services” or “Mentors & Training”.
Type in the search bar the keywords that fit your expertise and find the products or mentors that could match your needs or your services.
Go ahead and send a direct message using the Space username of the person who posted.