The European robotics tour: Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam

RobotUnion team keeps on going with the journey to the Robotics revolution! RobotUnion partners and accelerated startups were very busy during the month of May where they participated in different European events looking for investors, new partnerships and new members for our community.

Take a look at some of the robotics solutions present at Viva Tech (Paris), The Next Web (Amsterdam) and Global Robot Expo (Madrid)!

This B2B international exhibition is focused on innovation, robotics, and related technologies and it takes place every year in Madrid (Spain). GR-EX has four verticals of action: Industry 4.0, Service Robotics, Drones and Aerospace Logistics, as well as Artificial Intelligence. According to our Business Acceleration Manager: Daniel Twal (ISDI) “industrial solutions and collaborative robots are on the rise, each year more startups showcase their solutions at GR-EX, the evolution has been exponential”. 

During the 2019 edition, one of the startups accelerated in 1st Open Call,  Nido Robotics showcased their solution with high success! 

Some of RobotUnion partners, ISDI and Ferrovial, were also present in order to promote the RobotUnion marketplace and met researchers and corporates in the robotics fields to join our community.

The conference had great speakers curated content. was focused on AI and machine learning. Among the  speakers was Madeline Gannon, known as the robot-trainer, who is an expert in human-robot interaction. Her company AtonAton (USA) has developed several projects that mix research and art within the robotics field. 

The conference had great speakers and very well curated content. 2019 edition had a vertical focused on AI and machine learning. Among the most distinctive speakers was Madeline Gannon, known as the robot-tamer, who is an expert in human-robot interaction. Her company AtonAton (USA) has developed several projects that mix research and art within the robotics field. Below you can see the case of Quipt, an industrial robot that was humanized through code.

Discover more about her work in this video and interview performed by The Next Web.

From the most interesting robotics startups showcased on this event, RobotUnion team has met: 

  • Robot4Work, a social robot that helps companies in the Hospitality and Service sector;
  •  Yanu a fully autonomous robot bartender powered by AI and an automated drone company;
  • and a long-range drone that delivers medicine Avy.


This event was full of robotic friends! Not only big corporates such as Softbank, ABB and Huawei showcased some of their newest solutions. Also, EDF sponsored a Robotics Park, full of startups.

RobotUnion team was present there in its own booth were the partners from MWCapital Barcelona and Blumorpho promoted the project in front of the Viva Tech audience and the president of France, Emmanuel Macron.

If you want to see other Robotics solutions presented on ViVa Technology check out this video:

The robotics revolution is coming to the hottest global events. Next stop for the RobotUnion is the 4YFN in Shanghai and IoT Week, 

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