3 videos to learn and get inspired by soft robots

By September 9, 2018Uncategorized

What are soft robots? They are robots that are composed primarily of deformable materials such as gels or soft polymers. Sometimes they have a rigid skeleton, but other times the whole instrument is made out of soft elements. Rob Scharff in his Master Thesis at the Delft University of Technology explores deeply what they are and describes the different types of soft robots thoroughly (p.7-9).

In this post, we want to present to you some of the videos that have amazed us the most and also helped us understand how the use of soft materials in the production of robotics can make a difference in verticals such as help, since they can operate on soft tissues, without damaging them! Most of the robots that you will see in the following videos have been inspired by nature, understand how they work and get inspired by them!

  • Ted Talk “The incredible potential of flexible, soft robots” by Giada Gerboni

  • A soft robot that moves by finding the light and mimicking the plant:

  • As seen, often soft robots mimic nature, this is also the case of this snake made by Harvard researchers:

And also, this octopus that it’s the first completly soft robot that is composed by a microfluidic chip


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