3 needs that the RobotUnion Marketplace can help you meet

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The best robots in town, your life is about to change forever, make your choice!

Well, that’s more or less in essence what the newly-launched RobotUnion MarketPlace is about.

Granted, selling robots or more precisely robotics-related services is not exactly the same as selling freshly-made hamburgers on the Camden Market (that we do advise you to check out if you ever pass by London). We’re for instance afraid that there won’t be as many bargaining possibilities as with a bunch of bananas. Robots generally have fixed prices and if ever C3-PO is for sale for £1,000, there won’t be any discount.

Nevertheless, the spirit is the same. That is to say that this virtual marketplace is indeed about making various stakeholders in the world of robotics meet and interact so that they can promote and buy each others’ services.

So, in a few lines, why should you join the RobotUnion Marketplace?

1. You want to promote a robotics-related service

Say you travel a lot. And when we say a lot, we mean A LOT. So much that carrying your luggage from the hotel to the metro station, from the check-in counter to Terminal D12 has become a real pain for your shoulder.

Enough is enough and you start thinking of a solution to this problem. We’ll overlook the details but the main idea is that you start a business and finally come up with this…:

Credits: Analytics Insights
This autonomous suitcase named Ovis was showcased during the CES2018

…A robotic suitcase with various sensors and facial recognition that can follow you everywhere!

But here’s the thing. How to produce on a large scale? How to reach a network of travellers?

You post your concept and a picture of your prototype in RobotUnion Marketplace…which draws the attention of a representative of Samsonite one of the biggest luggage manufacturers in the world! She gets in touch with you and…

…Right, we get it, this startup fairy tale would not happen systematically. But you’ve got the idea: the more marketplace members we are, the more business opportunities there will be, whether you are willing to showcase your product or seeking an innovative solution.

2. You need robotics skills

However, needs can be met in other ways.

The robotics field may be gaining pace, related skills are not that widespread.

Say your dairy company is looking for a way to automate yoghurt packaging in your factory. You found that several technologies can enable such a process improvement.

Nevertheless, there is something or more precisely someone missing in the equation: a qualified robotics engineer who understands the technology, is able to implement it, maintain it…and repair it if needed!

Credits: Quora – What is robotics engineering?

Again, we are keen on encouraging matchmaking. This time, the idea is to welcome among our marketplace a number of robotics experts as well as companies eager to bring new skills to its workforce.

3. You can provide some mentoring to RobotUnion community

Are you from a research organisation, the academic community or a private entity and do you work on robotics-related topics? Can you provide useful funding connections to robotics start-ups? Help them build more efficient prototypes? Advise them on a go-to-market strategy?

Mentoring is crucial in fields that are relatively new such as robotics, for instance, in order to determine from a technical perspective what is feasible and what is not

These are some of the questions we have been asking throughout our network to gather a community of mentors within the Marketplace. Whether you are an early-stage robotics company or a more advanced SME in the field, you’ll be able to request some guidance with respect to the concept(s) you are working on.

To wrap it up

If you recognise yourself in one of the situations we described above, go ahead and introduce your product or your needs!

Join the RobotUnion Marketplace!

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